I am a professional wedding photographer based in Broughshane, Ballymena Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.

I love all sorts of photography including Weddings, Portraits and commercial assignments,

I also love getting out in the country to produce Fine Art Landscapes.

When photographing people it is crucial that everything is relaxed.

So my style is to give a personal,fun and relaxed experience for your special day with lots of creativity.

Every wedding is unique so I love to capture all those little details that often you wont even know i have taken.Weddings are emotional occasions so its important to record the laughter, smiles and emotion of every momentthat makes your wedding day so special.

The result being a collection of images with the fun and joy that can be treasured forever.

There will always be those special family shots that you really want , but you will also get lots of others

and plenty of creativity to give you those beautiful pictures you never even thought of.

I have covered weddings, Portraits and commercial jobs all over Ireland and beyond, and have lectured at photography conventions in London.

I also have a portfolio of fine art landscapes .

I am always amazed that I get to spend my time doing somthing that I truely love and enjoy and get to meet so many beautiful people.

Generally I do not really like talking about me personally but here is a wee bity about what makes me tick.

Life often throws us strange curve balls that develop us into the people we are. For me I had the joy of being brought up on the farm in the beautiful Braid valley. So younger years were spent working at home which is where I believe a strong work ethic and integrity was instilled.

I was never exactly the model student at school but somehow managed to get through and then went to to study IT and an IT job in banking but all during this time I still had a passion for photography.

I am blessed to be married to a super wife and have 2 great children (though we have our moments) .

Addiction might be putting it a little strongly but I am borderline addicted to coffee and drink gallons of the stuff . I would love to claim to be a connoisseur and while I love super well made barista coffee I am quite happy to also drink instant when i don't have the time to brew up properly.


The other 'issue' I have is an incredibly sweet tooth especially for Midget Gems, but I am not choosy when it comes to sweets, do-nuts or almost any sort of food with sugar and calories. Something tyhat means I get told off about it frequently at home . A huge mug of coffee and a do-nut seems like a perfect morning break ...

A wee bit more

As a photographer I am always amazed that i get to spend time an earn a living doing some thing that started out

as a hobby and it is great to follow a passion and do that as a job.

However in order to keep that enjoyment its also good to have other interests, apart from the normal parent duties as

an unpaid taxi. I love all sorts of sport and in my younger days when I was fitter and my waistline thinner I played a bit

of football so now I am involved as a coach for the teenagers when available and I also enjoy indoor bowls.

I have a wide and eclectic taste when it comes to music and can just as easily be found listing country music, pop,

Queen or to classical orchestral and brass arrangements.

I tend to have spotify playing almost continually when editing in the studio.


Capturing every moment

of your day

Classic - Elegent - Timeless