Charlotte and Simon – Belle Isle Castle Wedding

A little time passed since I met Charlotte and Simon for a coffee to chat about their wedding which had finally arrived. It is more than a 2 hour drive from home to the Wedding at Belle Isle Castle (near Enniskillen) where the whole day was to take place . However this is a lovely venue , where you are always sure of a friendly welcome, with some super places for photography. I left home early at around 8:30am and allowed time to stop on the way for a good big fry (which set me up nicely for a long day) .

The ceremony was at 12noon and (with only close family attending) I knew it would be a fairly relaxed day and we had lots of time .

Although the weather at home had been a bit changeable I drove through rain on the way. So it was lovely to see the skies clear along the Clougher valley and into Fermanagh. I was not wrong as the soft autumn light made for some lovely pictures.

At 11:30 I headed up to the suite where Charlotte was already dressed and looking wonderful . A few bridal portraits were in order before heading down for the vows.

Simons father conducted the ceremony and everyone was seated in the big room which was very relaxed but full of emotion and atmosphere.

One of the things that i love to try and do at weddings is to capture pictures of any of the children. Children grow up so quickly so its important to capture images when you can .

With the formal proceedings over the new Mr & Mrs Brown had time to relax and get a wee cup of coffee and come canapes. Then myself and the happy couple sneaked away for a walk around the Belle Isle Castle grounds. One of the great things about Autum is the wonderful colours in the leaves and trees and the sunlight is often much softer and more subtle. The downside is that often the ground can be a little wet and muddy but Charlotte and Simon were great and willing to try anything.

The day was flowing nicely and the plans now changed to some candid shots and a bit of fun before finally heading into the grand hall where the table had been set for the dinner to follow .

With no formal speeches planned my day finished unusually early and i started off again on the 2hour jaunt to Broughshane where I would then load all the images to the computers and backup drives ready for editing and a sneak preview. All in all a wonderful day with lovely people in a super venue and with good weather. Really what more could I ask for in a job .