Clandeboye Lodge Wedding Photography – Joanne and Stephen

May 18, 2014

Clandeboye Lodge Wedding Photography – Joanne and Stephen

When Joanne and Stephen asked me about Clandeboye Lodge Wedding Photography , I was thrilled. I already knew Stephen and it was great to meet the lovely Joanne.

I know the Clandeboye well because my sister lives almost walking distance from it and so weddings there have the added benefit that I have somewhere really handy where I can scrounge a cup of coffee before heading fro home.

Joanne and Stephen are a fairly relaxed and calm couple and the wedding was planned to be a relatively low key affair for family and some close friends. I was fairly sure that things would go smoothly and without any major hiccups.

When I arrived my first stop was to introduce myself and to take some photographs of the layout of the room. The ceremony was taking place in The Blackwood Suite which is upstairs with wonderful arched beams and windows. It is ideal for a wedding with 50-60 guests.

Then Stephen arrived and I could tell that he was more than a little nervous, but its not every day that you get married to Joanne so a few nerves are perfectly normal. After a bit of chat and a few jokes we decided that some ‘groom portraits’ might be a good starting point and we got these sorted before Joanne arrived.

Stephen then made his way upstairs to await the arrival. Thankfully Joanne was on time and so we chased the last few guests up to the Blackwood and took a few more shots with we waited.





When the ceremony was over it was time for quite few family and group shots, but I always like (if possible) to give couples a little bit of free time to allow them to speak to guests and perhaps grab a cup of tea and a biscuit. A wedding can be a long day and especially for a bride and groom, the time flies and it is easy to go for some time without eating anything.






So after all the group shots and a bit of a break its super to be able to get the happy couple away from everyone else on their own for a short time. This gives me a chance for some more portraits and to capture some more private moments as they relax for the first time .

SCR-379 SCR-370 SCR-351 SCR-342 SCR-344 SCR-327

SCR-298 SCR-304 SCR-307 SCR-310 SCR-315 SCR-251

SCR-293 SCR-321 SCR-323 SCR-197

All in all this was a wonderful day where I met some lovely people who were thrilled to be invited as guests for Stephen and Joannes happy day.