Elsa and Chris – Wedding at The Wild Duck Portglenone

July 11, 2018

Elsa and Cris’s Wedding at The Wild Duck in Portglenone

I had met Elsa several times through her job prior to meeting with her and Chris to chat about their wedding and was delighted when they decided to book me as their photographer

When Elsa and Chris called to see me and book their wedding it seemed quite a while away but before I knew it the time had arrived. We had chatted about the various options for photographs and where to go if it rained but we need not have worried.  We photographers are never happy because either its too dull or its too bright in this case it was possibly the hottest brightest day of the year so far. I knew it was going to be an absolute scorcher blue skies with hardly a cloud and really bright sunshine so a day to try and seek out some shade .

I arrived at the brides house ready to take some pictures of the usual panic to find that everyone was really relaxed and everything was going pretty well to schedule. 



Dad and the dog seemed to be taking it all in their stride as they relaxed in the sunshine while the make-up etc was sorted inside 


Leaving Ballymena it was only a short drive to Portglenone and when I arrived Chris and his best man Lee and Father had just arrived .We had a little time to sort out flowers and last minute adjustments.

While the boys went to have a quick drink I also took a few of the detail shots of the room





Soon the Ladies started to arrive followed by the Elsa who if she was nervous was not showing it and was taking all the excitement in her stride




The service was beautiful and it seems like only a short time till the happy couple was outside 


Then it was lovely to get away from all the excitement with just Elsa and Chris for a few private shots. We had arranged a ‘wet weather option’ just in case but in this case a few indoor shots were lovely as it got us out of the blistering sunshine for a short time .



Portglenone is a super area because there are easy to access forest walks and paths beside the river which can make for super wedding locations and a chance for Chris to show off some athletic skills 


Before long it was back to the Wild Duck to relax with family and friends and look forward to the meal and a super evening


The function room was looking wonderful as we did the cake cutting and got a wee bit creative with a few more shots 


The cake was beautifully decorated 


Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part.