Engagement Photography at Garron Tower – Orla and Paul

May 14, 2010

Engagement Photography at Garron Tower

A wee while ago I had a mornings fun with Orla and Paul for a pre-wedding/engagement shoot. I had actually the pleasure of knowing Orla and Paul after covering Orlas’ sisters wedding and so must have done something right as Orla and Paul booked me for their own wedding .

Garron Tower was built as a summer residence by Frances Anne Vane, Marchioness of Londonderry. She had inherited this part of the Antrim estates from her mother, Anne Katherine MacDonnell, Countess of Antrim who had married Sir Henry Vane-Tempest of County Durham. The Tower and grounds were purchased by McNeill’s Hotel in Larne in 1915 and were later used a as a boarding school for boys. The history of Garron Tower dates from 1850, but its life as a school began in September 1951 and named it St. MacNissi’s College. It is a beautiful building and a super location. It is now known as St Killians.

Looking out to sea the wall of the school has seven cannons f which are of naval origin from the Napoleonic wars.

The current school motto is Caritas et Veritas which means “Love and Truth”., which somehow seems very appropriate for a couple who have just got engaged.

Anyway we headed off early one morning during the Easter holiday break to Garron Tower near Carnlough a bit of fun, and some nice pictures.

It was a lovely Spring day with the daffodils in full bloom.

The following are a few of the shots that were taken

I am sure you will agree that Engagement Photography at Garron Tower can give some great options