Hilton Templepatrick Wedding – Gillian and Stephen

June 23, 2017

Hilton Templepatrick Wedding – Gillian and Stephen

One of the things I love about weddings is meeting new people, but it is also super when people you know ask you to be part of their big day.  When a family member contacts me I always feel a sort of added pressure because I want people to book me because they are confident I can do a good job but not to feel obliged just because we happen to be related . Sometimes dealing with family can be a bit odd as it can be harder to adopt a professional approach.  Gillian is a cousin of mine and I have known her since she was born and its safe to say I give her large amount of stick , but this was her wedding and I had to try and be on my best behaviour.  Mervyn from KeyMoments was the videographer for the day and I knew that we would get on well together.

The wedding was to take place in Buckna Presbyterian church followed by the Hilton hotel in Templepatrick , but we had also decided to visit Castle Park in Antrim for photographs so as long as the weather was dry I knew we would be in for a great day .

I left home early in the morning and 10mins later was at Gillians house where everything seemed to be relatively calm. There was enough food about to feed a small army and the hair and makeup was in full swing.

 All the ladies were in matching wedding robes .




It is also lovely to visit a house and see one of my fine art landscapes of Dunce Castle on the wall

As the father of the bride Wilbert was the only man in the house and we a bit outnumbered but was taking it all in his stride.


Soon it was time to leave the house and take the 5 min drive to Buckna. There is not a huge amount of space around the actual building , but just across the road there was a wonderful old shed with rustic doors which gave a great feature.


The vintage wedding cars were there so we got a few shots of the men 


Soon it was time to get everyone into church so that they did not see the bridesmaids or the beautiful bride,




The ceremony was beautiful with a  few laughs and after the service the Girls Bridage provided a Guard of Honour for the happy couple.




Autumn in Castle Park at Antrim is spectular , at times it was even a little too sunny but after the group and family shots I was able to get Gillian and Stephen alone for a quick walk through the park for some pictures .



Keeping an eye on my watch it was soon time to go back to the car and drive to Templepatrick where the guests has already arrived at the Hilton and had been treated to some refreshments .

The hotel staff had the room almost ready and it was looking wonderful so we did a cake cutting and then we had a bit of free time to relax which allowed me to take shots of some little details

and some candids , before the meal and speeches 



Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part.