Joanne and Jonathan’s Rosspark Wedding

I have known Joanne and her family for more years than we care to admit. Joanne is also the owner of The Byres Bakehouse who make wonderful wedding cakes and we regularly meet at various wedding shows. So it was wonderful when Joanne called and told me i would be doing her wedding . It is wonderful when people I know come to me and I am alwasy grateful and never underestimate the fact that they trust me with their big day. So I was delighted when they decided to book me as their photographer

As with all couples we met and discussed various options for photography and the flow of the day but i knew it would be great working with both families. The wedding date was the longest day 21st June and the weather had been a bit changeable but it was fine on the day with good sunshine but not crazy bright.

The day started early at around 7:30am when we met at Rosspark hotel for some pictures as the cake got ‘assembled’ . Then it was back home to get changed and ready for the brides house.

I arrived at Joannes house ready to take some pictures to find that everyone was really relaxed and everything was going pretty well to schedule. I really enjoy this time as it can set the scene for the day and can also allow me to catch those wonderful little details

The next stop was a quick scoot just a couple of miles down the road to Buckna Presbyterian Church where i had a chance to get some of the decorations and personal touches

It was super that the house and church were so close as this allowed me to quiuckly and easily hop back and forth as necessary. I knew that Jonathan and the boys would be arriving soon and was aware of the cars etc thay would be in so it was not to be missed.

Then back up to Joannes house where by now there were just a few finishing touches and everyone was ready to go .

The bridesmaids and Joannes mother arrived and were quickly followed by Joanne and her father . It was great because everyone arrived pretty close to the time (which is always good but not always the case)

This was very much a family wedding with real effort being made to include everyone and with lots of little things which made it unique

During any wedding service I always try to find a spot where i can still take some pics but also avoid moving around and can be discrete. It is still possible to get shots that capture the fun and joy of a wedding and other little details. One of these was when i sent Joanne a little signal and she knew exactly that i wanted her shoes!

When the ceremony finished there was a bit of a crowd outside to see the wedding and we stopped for a few group shots outside the church. The next stage was up to Slemish and then on to a local garden with just the happy couple and the parents. The other group shots and bridal party would be done at Rosspark

The day was really flowing well and we soon arrived at Rosspark where Angus was waiting to greet the happy couple. This is always a bit of a hectic period as there are often lots of group shots to be sorted oout and often time can be tight as if at all possible i do not like to be keeping the hotel late for dinner. The food is ready and they cannot really be expected to wait around for ages. However I need not have worried because in fact we managed to get the shots all done for the scheduled time . We even had time for a staged cutting of the cake

Joanne and Jonathan’s Wedding at Rosspark Hotel
Joanne and Jonathan’s Wedding at Rosspark Hotel
Joanne and Jonathan’s Wedding at Rosspark Hotel

The speeches were short and sweet and before long the meal was over .

Then the happy couple and guest partied the night away with some great ( and some not so great) moves on the dance floor.Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part. It is indeed wonderful to be involved in such happy events and I am grateful that this work allows me to do and be part of Joanne and Jonathan’s Wedding at Rosspark Hotel