Julie and Timothy’s Wedding at Cunningham Memorial Presbyterian and Glenavon House Hotel

June 23, 2017

Julie and Timothy’s Wedding at Cunningham Memorial Presbyterian and Glenavon House Hotel

When Julie and Timothy called to see me and book their wedding it seemed quite a while away but before I knew it the time had arrived.  We photographers are never happy because either its too dull or its too bright in this case it was possibly the hottest brightest day of the year so far. I knew it was going to be an absolute scorcher for Julie and Timothys wedding. Blue skies with hardly a cloud and really bright sunshine so a day to try and seek out some shade .

I arrived at the brides house ready to take some pictures of the usual panic to find that everyone was really relaxed and everything was going pretty well to schedule. The video was being taken by Francis Byrne so having worked with Francis before so I knew that the day would be great . 





we did for a little while consider an alternative to the traditional wedding car but in reality it was not that practical 



It was wonderful to be at Cunningham Memorial in Cullybackey which is a really beautiful building though at noon with the sun at its highest I was getting well and truly cooked.

The rings were there and safe and the boys seemed very relaxed



Soon the bridesmaids and Julies mother arrived followed by the lady of the moment who was taking all the excitement in her stride with hardly any nerves at all 



As everyone waited for the grand entrance a last wee glance back and then it was up the aisle a a ‘miss’ for the last time .


The service was beautiful and it seems like only a short time till the happy couple was outside for some group shots , the obligatory confetti and into the car to got to the reception.






Arriving at the Glenavon we were actually well ahead of schedule so it was super to be able to allow a little bit of time to relax while I captured some of the little details that are so easily missed 


Then not wishing to miss out on the great weather we took a walk down by the river 



I have to say that both Julie and Timothy were wonderful and willing to go almost anywhere (even over rocks ) to allow us to try out shots .



The Glenvon is a beautiful hotel and there are some areas even indoors where its possible to get a little creative and get beautiful shots . It was definitely cooler inside than outside .






The cake was beautifully decorated and the day ended with the cutting of the cake and a wonderful meal .


Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part.