Kerri and Tim North Coast Wedding

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a Wedding photographer is getting to meet so many new people and the fact that every single wedding and couple are different. It was probably about 7 or 8 months before the wedding that I received an email from Kerri indicating that she and Tim were planning their wedding.

As the email continued I discovered that they actually live in Ohio (so organizing a face to face meeting we not really practical). So this wedding was not exactly your average wedding because Kerri and her fiancée Tim were planning a vacation to Ireland and had decided to get married while here,

The wedding would be just the two of them and some witnesses and the venue was Colerain Civic Centre which is a beautiful location with huge glass windows and loads of natural light.

So over the next few months we has quite a few emails back and forth as we arranged all the details and I was more than happy to be able to give some pieces of advice regarding options for photographs.

On the morning of the big day the forecast was giving it to be a little dull but with no rain predicted until evening so I hoped it would be correct . The ceremony was at 12noon but I arrived at 11:15 to find Kerri and Tim had also just arrived . This was super as we were able to take a few shots and also nip across the road to the University Garden area and take some photographs.

The civic offices in Coleraine provided a great location for the wedding as there are huge windows which gove lots of natural light and great views down the River Bann.




After the ceremony the now Mr & Mrs Duffey and I all got into the car to travel to some of the North Coasts most iconic landscape locations .

First stop was at The Dark Hedges. Often The Hedges can be really busy with tourists but we were fortunate that it was not too crazy and we got a few chances for photographs. The other wonderful thing was a beautiful field of barley which was showing wonderful golden colour. This was great and provided a good contrast to Kerri’s dress and flowing dark hair


Next stop was the beautiful Dunluce Castle which gives incredible views and always allows you to find a sheltered spot out of the wind. This was also a good chance to try out a few ‘creative’ ideas.


Finally we had a short stop at White Rocks beach and finished the day by travelling back to Coleraine.


We covered quite a lot in a relatively short few hours but it was a joy to get to know two lovely people . I thank you both for providing me with such a wonderfully enjoyable day. I wish you every blessing for your lives together