Kilmore Country House Wedding – Wendy and Eric

March 30, 2020

Wendy and Eric – Kilmore Country House Wedding

It seemed like a long time since I first chatted to Wendy and Eric about their wedding but 12th March 2020 finally arrived . On the evening of 11th it was bitterly cold and there was even some snow so I was prepared to have some chilly conditions. This was indeed the case as I drove down Glenariff for a Kilmore Country House Wedding. I was really looking forward to this (as although I knew about Kilmore and had previously popped down for a look) this was my first actual wedding there. I arrived very early and so was able to bring my gear in and it was a good job because soon there was a really heavy downpour and i did not fancy getting soaked. I had time for a chat with Oliver and Shannon from Kilmore and Wendy was around.I went over to the function marquee for some detail shots.

There was plenty of time and i knew that this would be a fairly relaxed day so I went up to the suite were Wendy was getting ready for some of the initial preparation shots

By now Eric had arrived and some of the guests from the Archibald and Crawford clans were also coming so even though it was bitterly cold outside there was a brief respite in the rain and Eric was game to get a few pics done.

Weddings are funny in that the day always seems to flow from one thig to the next and soon it is time for final touches and the bride will be ready for her big entrance. Wendy was ready early and this allowed a wonderful time for a few bridal portraits taking advantage if some of the loverly features Kilmore Country house has to offer before Wendy met her father on the main staircase prior to the ceremony

The ceremony was held in the main house is a beautiful room with lots of light streaming through the windows giving no hint of the bitter day it was outside . The ceremony itself was beautifully relaxed with some wonderfully funny moments .

If possible and time permits I always like to allow couples a bit of free time to relax and mix with their family and friends rather than spend all the time getting pictures, but rest assured I am still working away taking candids and capturing moments . But having allowed some ‘chill time’ its also critical to get the must have bridal portrait and family groups. Wendy and Eric had prepared a list of the various groups they wanted which is a great help as it speeds up the whole process.

Before long it was time for the meal and a picture of all the guests outside the house. Then the speeches and cake cutting . This was followed by a wonderful reception and I am sure a great time was had by all at the evening party .