Lissanoure Castle – Alison and David

September 5, 2017

Lissanoure Castle– Alison and David

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle are always something very special – it’s as beautiful venue set in absolutely stunning grounds with trees, streams a lake and also the castle buildings giving lots of differnt places for wedding photographs. Nestled in the countryside it really is a hidden gem.

When Alison called me to say that she was getting married I have to confess to feeling really old as I have known her since she was only a child and found it hard to believe she was all grown up. Knowing Alison and the wider family circle I was thrilled and honoured to be asked to be the wedding photographer and knew that it would be a super day with some lovely people.

When I woke up and looked out the window I thought we had been blessed with an almost perfect day. There was a bit of wind blowing but the sun was shining and there was a bit of cloud cover which stopped the light being too harsh so off i headed to the house in Ballymoney. Alison tends not to get too flustered with things so it was no surprise to arrive at the house and find everything fairly chilled and relaxed.

I really enjoy this time at the bridal preparations as it’s a great chance to meet the bridesmaids have a bit of fun and get everyone relaxed and comfortable.


It is also allows me to get some details shots of the dress, flowers and other little things that make every wedding unique. Then by the time we get to the church and reception everyone is relaxed and comfortable.




Then before long the cars arrived. David is a bit of a car enthusiast so the bridesmaids car was a beautiful pristine Landrover Discovery. I had washed and polished my own car just the day before and it still looked filthy beside these. Alson would be travelling in the appropriately named
‘The White Lady’ which was a pristine Audi Quattro.


Everything was going well to schedule so I then left the house to drive the 20mins to Macosquin Presbyterian Church to await the men .

Alison and David had decorated the church with some lovely little personal touches making it unique to them.


Alison had warned me that David would also be arriving in a restored car and when he did arrive it was in a beautiful shiny blue Ford Sierra.By all accounts this was a ‘right to the wire’ job as it passed MOT on shortly before the wedding and was being waxed and polished almost right up to the morning of the wedding. But it was well worth the effort.



It was no time at all till the bridesmaids and Alison arrived in convoy all at once and exactly on time. This was brilliant as we managed to take a few shots outside without any mad rush to make up time.


Young Shea had a specially made notice just in case David was not already feeling nervous enough.



I have to confess that this is the first wedding I have ever done in Macosquin Presbyterian , hopefully not the last as it really is a lovely church building which has been renovated so it has a super light and bright feel but still retains lots of original character.

When we arrived at Lissanoure Castle we had a bit of time to spare so were able to relax and take a few moments however there were just a few little drops of rain and so we thought it might be best to get the pictures done just in case. In fact the rain never really came and while it was not blisteringly hot it was a nice day out around the beautiful grounds.



The following is just a few more random shots that are some of my favourites from the day  








Of course after some speeches a super meal and reception there was a great chance for everyone to show off some  great (and some not so great) moves on the dance floor. 












So ended another days ‘work’ but I know its a cliche but in all honesty it never seems like work when you get to meet so many wonderful people on such an occasion . 

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Colin Turtle Photography

Venue: Lissanoure Castle

Hair: CarolAnn Boggs

Makeup: Alisha at Aruna Beauty (Make up)

Catering: Caulfield and Dorrity Catering

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