Kathy and Steven’s Wedding at Killymurris Presbyterian followed by Lissanoure and Leighinmore House

June 23, 2017

Kathy and Steven’s Wedding at Killymurris Presbyterian followed by Lissanoure and Leighinmore House


I have known Steven and his family for quite a long time so it was my pleasure when he called with Kathy to have a chat about their wedding , and even more of a pleasure when the booked me as their photographer.

The wedding was to take place in Killymurris Presbyterian church followed by the a reception in Leighinmore hotel in Ballymena but it has also been arranged that we would visit the wonderful Lissanoure Castle for photographs. This was at the end of October so as long as the weather was dry I know were would be in for a great day with wonderful autumn colours.

I left home early in the morning and 15mins later was at Kathys’ house in Ballymena for the bridal preparations. Its not always the case but everything in the house seemed to be really organised and calm with no nerves or panic.


dun-2646  dun-2658  

Shoes and flowers at the ready

dun-2663 dun-2659

So after a few shots to set the scene for the day it was then off to Steven house to meet the men.

Coming from a farm Stevens transport to the church was the family John Deere (which was cleaner than my car !) .

IMG_2687  IMG_2697

IMG_2689  IMG_2699

We got a few pictures at the house and it was only a short drive to the church.

The church had been beautifully decorated in autumn shades by the folks from Millson Berry florists and everying was going well as family and friends arrived .

I was confident that the ladies would not be late, but its almost unheard of that they actually arrive early , but it was wonderful because it allowed time outside the church with the bridesmaids and lovely flowergirls.

IMG_2738 IMG_2749

Kathy and dad had parked up the road a little and soon arrived. I think its safe to say that by now Kathy was feeling a few nerves ,but was looking beautiful and being early we had plenty of time to get a few pics and calm any nerves before heading into the church.

Killymurris have just installed a new minister and this was the Rev Roland Watts first wedding in his new congregation, He was wonderful putting everyone at their ease and so helpful.


After the ceremony it was only about 15min drive to Lissanoure where the castle was looking wonderful.

We did the group and family shots and then we took a chance for some private moments as we walked down to the lake, before long as the sun started to drop it got quite chilly but it was time to leave for the hotel anyway.






We arrived at Leighinmore in good time and will all the photographs already taken we went down to have a look at the room which was wonderfully decorated.

The only thing left was just a matter of cutting the cake and allowing some free time for Kathy and Steven to relax before the speeches and meal .



Of course there was a chance to show off some moves on the dance floor later in the evening .

Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part.