Sarah and Ryans Tullyglass Wedding

It seemed ages since Sarah and Ryan first contacted me about their wedding but the day had finally arrived. I was less than impressed when I awoke to see it raining fairly heavily and looking at the sky it did not look good. However we cannot control the weather so it was off to Sarahs family home for some preparations pictures .

As I left the house to drive the few miles to 2nd Donegore Presbyterian church at times the wipers struggled to take the rain and i did not hold much hope of any pictures outside. Fortunately when i got there even though still raining it had relented a bit . So while i allowed the men to grab some shelter in the doorway i was able to withstand a bit of rain to quickly grab some shots.

However the rain soon returned and by the time the ladies arrived we had to get into the porch as quickly as possible . and again I managed to get just a few pictures in the relative shelter of the doorway . I have to say that everyone was super and no-one complained about the cold and wet at all (well not much anyway)

The ceremony provided a welcome period where it was warm and dry and the beautiful church inside allowed us to get some picture at the the front after it was all finished but before long it was time to brave the elements and head for the cars.

There was a scheduled stop to visit Ryans grandmother and this was actually very fortunate because when we came out the rain seemed to be getting less and the skies were clearing ( at least a bit). The original plans to go to a garden for pictures was thought to be unrealistic due to weather but it was now seeming possible so was quickly rearranged with a couple of text messages.

It was only a few mins drive to the Tullyglass Hotel so we soon arrived . The plan was to do a big group shot of all the guests so we decided that while it was not raining we needed to get it done .

There were a few more family group shots which we managed to take inside and then everyone went for the meal and the speeches .

With the meal over and the hotel about to reconfigure the room i had a wee look outside and as the evening light appeared the rain had gone . So it seemed like the perfect time to do a quick tour of the Tullyglass gardens and get some more pictures before long it was time for the evening reception and the first dance .

And so ended another wedding. The weather was as bad as any wedding I have done all year but we persevered and the weather did not dampen spirits or in any way reduce the happiness of the event. I would wish Ryan and Sarah a long m happy and healthy married life .