Wedding at The Old Inn Crawfordsburn – Kirsty and Ryan

June 23, 2017

Wedding at The Old Inn Crawfordsburn – Kirsty and Ryan

Provided that the weather is kind, there is always something magical about wedding in December and in the run up to Christmas. This time if year can be a little chilly but if you get a nice day there can be incredible subtle light. Kirsty and Ryan had decided to have their wedding at The Old Inn Crawfordsburn.This is a vene that i always enjoy because it has so many lovely little areas for pictures (both inside and out) and just oozes character from every corner.

So when I left home in the morning and drive up to Belfast to the house where Kirsty and the other ladies were getting prepared. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone seemed very relaxed and preparations were well on schedule .

After taking the home and Bridal Preparation shots I drove across town to the Old Inn Crawfordsburn.






The Old Inn at Crawfordsburn is a beautiful really atmospheric venue ,  Ryan and the other men were already waiting and after a few drinks to calm nerves we got down to business with some pictures to set the scene.



It was soon time to chase the boys and late arrivals into the beautiful ceremony room before the ladies and Kirsty would arrive with he father.



The dresses were beautiful with long sleek flowing lines which were really enhanced by a beautiful bride.

One thing about winter weddings is that there is a relatively short day so therefore it was great that Kirsty arrived in time and everything was running to schedule.


After the ceremony the plan was that the happy couple would be going down to Crawfordsburn Country Park  to take advantage of the sea views and forest walks.




But before then we got the entire guest party outside for a big group shot. Crawfordsburn Country park is only 5 mins away .

Unfortunately it has rained in the preceding days so many of the paths were a bit muddy so we decided to give those a bit of  miss and grab the lovely soft light over Belfast lough and looking out to the Irish Sea.




Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and in no time we had walked a loop and were nearly back at the car and then back up to the Old Inn.


If possible (and time allows) I like to give couples a bit of free time to meet an stalk with their guests . While they do this i try to take some candid shots and also capture many of the little details that help make the day unique. I will also try to grab individual shots of some of the other ‘key players’.

Kirsty and Ryan were keen that everyone would enjoy the daY in a fairly informal and relaxed manned so after the ceremony the room had been reconfigured into an informal lounge area for guests and it was decided that this would be a super location for the speeches. There were started with a wonderful emotional speck from Kirstys’ father which caused some laughter and a few tears. Then the best man gave his speech which was also wonderful with lots of laughs and humour.



A quick trip down to see the beautiful reception room gave a great chance to do a staged cutting of the cake before the happy couple retreated into the outside Lodge as they awaited being called for the reception.


Yet another wonderful day and it was my absolute joy and pleasure to be asked to play my small part.