Wedding Photography at Belfast City Hall – Leanne and Gary

June 12, 2014

Wedding Photography at Belfast City Hall

Belfast is a super city and is great for Wedding Photography at Belfast City Hall. The City Hall is an iconic building in Belfast and provides a stunning location to get married.

I have couples get in touch with me via the website, facebook, and of course previous weddings, but its also lovely when you are recommended by another professional photographer. This was the case with Leanne and Gary. They are good friends with another super photographer and had asked if they would consider doing the wedding. However since their friend does not do wedding photography they asked her for any other recommendations and very kindly I was suggested.

Gary and Leanne called to see me and we discussed their plans for a wedding in Belfast City Hall, followed by a tour of the city in a vintage bus, including a few quick stops at some iconic buildings.Then finishing at the MalMaison hotel in Belfast for a reception.Everything was planned and scheduled and it sounded like a load of fun.

So I made a brief visit to Kells in the morning for some bridal preparation shots and then drove to Belfast. I parked just across the road from MalMaison and walked the short distance to Belfast city Hall.


This wedding gave lots of options because we started off with the beautiful building that is Belfast City Hall and I was fortunate to be allowed up into the rotunda for a quick shot of Leanne from above.

Belfast City Hall Wedding Photograph

Belfast City Hall Wedding Photography
Belfast City Hall Wedding Photograph
Belfast City Hall Wedding Photography



Belfast City Hall Wedding Photography

Outside the vintage coach was waiting , this shot has obviously been heavily edited to give an almost painted feel, and the guest are all on board just waiting on the happy couple. We all piled on board for the city tour, it was a really hot day , but we toured the city and then grabbed a short stop outside Queens University for a few shots.



Queens University Belfast Wedding Photography
queens university Belfast Wedding Photography

Then it was down to Malmaison and Custom House square to finish with a few urban shots of Gary looking cool


And a final shot of Leanne