Wedding Photography at Bellisle Castle– Alicia and Rob

August 12, 2014

Wedding Photography at Bellisle Castle– Alicia and Rob

When I was first contacted about a wedding photography at Bellisle Castle I was not really too sure where it was. To be honest Alicia seemed more than a little unsure as well , other than to say it was in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland.

You see this wedding was not exactly your average wedding because Alica and her fiancée Rob, and indeed both families are from New Jersey and everything was being arranged remotely via email.

As a general approach I like to meet couples for a  hat about what they want and perhaps even d a pre-wedding shoot, but obviously that was not feasible in this case. Anyway the internet is a wonderful resource and after a little research I found that Bellisle is a wonderful wedding venue, near Lisbellaw. Later on a trip down tt that general area I made a point of calling to see for myself.

Anyway so it was that one morning I left home for a 2 hour drive , to a wedding with a couple whom I had never met , or even properly spoken to, to a venue that (although I had seen) I had never done a wedding at and to a weather report that was a little ‘iffy’ , so I was more than a little nervous.

To be honest I need not have worried because this was indeed a wonderful wedding and we had so much fun. Fairytales do indeed come true, and Alicia’s story proves it.  Like all girls Alicia had a dream of being married to her prince charming, but her vision wanted the whole fairytale too. Which included a dream wedding with family, friends, and a castle on a lake in Northern Ireland at the beautiful Belle Isle Estate.

The plan was not for a huge wedding but rather it was a more intimate gathering for a week for close friends and family. So both families and some close friends had all flown in and booked the castle for a week . There was about 25-30 people.

So it was that the fairytale began on a beautiful summer morning in Fermanagh. I arrived early and had a wee cup to tea and while sitting the the car I noticed a group of ‘big men walking across the car park. They reminded me of an American football teams defensive unit, and had arms like my legs ! I was then introduced to Alicia who asked if I had spoken to Rob and his buddies who had gone arose the car park to the chalets to get changed ! My ‘linebackers’ were the groom and best man etc…lol.

The ceremony was all set up outdoors and everything was ready to go. Then the inevitable shower of rain appeared, but we were blessed in that it blew past and it did not take long to dry down the chairs and let proceedings begin








This was a group of people who obviously work hard and play hard and so they were willing to try most things and trust me that the photographs would be fun and iconic.


Rob runs a string of fitness clubs in New Jersey and you could tell that he and his buddies work out, but having said that Alicias’ dad more than held his own with the younger guys. (He is the one with the moustache)

bellisle 20

bellisle 3


bellisle 2

bellisle 4











After dinner, the first dance and even a fireworks display we left at about 11pm for the journey home, really tired but at the same time buzzing after such a wonderful day.

bellisle 1And so ended my first ever wedding at Bellisle Castle. It is a super venue and it was an incredible day to meet two lovely families from the other side of the Atlantic. I can’t wait till my next visit to Fermanagh.

So to Alicia and her Prince Charming Rob, I thank you both for providing me with such a wonderfully enjoyable day. I wish you every blessing for your lives together