Wedding Photography at Titanic– Cathy and David

September 20, 2014

Wedding Photography at Titanic

When you get a call and asked if you would be able to do wedding photography at Titanic Belfast there is only one answer to give. This is a name that is etched in history and the Titanic building in Belfast is a beautiful and dramatic setting for any wedding.

Often as I edit through images I find my thought drifting to the fun and madness of the day and this was no exception because it was indeed a day with lots of fun and crazy antics.

I arrived up at Cathy’s home for some bridal preparation shots to be met by one of a group of sisters and straight away I just knew it was going to be a really fun day. With a group if young ladies who were up for anything (almost !)

Wedding Titanic Belfast         Wedding Titanic Belfast      Wedding Titanic Belfast

As often tends to happen it takes the girls a little longer to get ready than anyone thinks so it was then a bit of a mad rush to get the down to Titanic, where David and the men arrived shortly after. The guys had arrived in a DeLorean all kitted out in dinner suits and shades for that James bond look.

The boys at Titanic Belfast

The sea front it can be a little windy and when Cathy and the bridesmaids arrived it was more than a little blustery. But we managed to get a few shots before the crowd of tourists got too interested in the events.

Then it was into the lift and up to the Bridge where the ceremony was to take place. Even for someone like me (who is not particularly good with heights) this is a stunning venue for a wedding.Long panoramic views over Belfast Lough and way into the distance towards Carrickfergus, Bangor and Cave Hill .

Wedding Ceremony - Titanic

Once the Ceremony was completed the guests were treated to a drinks reception while the bridal party and family gathered in the Titanic suite on the Grand Staircase for the group photographs.

Titanic Wedding 9

Titanic Wedding 8Titanic Wedding 6

Titanic Wedding 5

Then we headed outside with the bridal party for some iconic shots to take advantage of this wonderful building and location. I keeping with the thoughts and emotions of the day we of course incorporated some less formal and fun pictures.

Titanic Wedding 16Titanic Wedding 15Titanic Wedding 13Titanic Wedding 12Titanic Wedding 11          Titanic Wedding 10

At the end of the day after the speeches my work was done but I am told that for those who remained the part was only just beginning and that a great time was had by everyone.