Wedding Photography Packages in Northern Ireland

I have to admit that I really do not like wedding packages .Every single wedding is totally unique. Even if in the same venue and within days of some other wedding, the dynamics and personalities differ. I have done weddings for sisters who got married in the same venue in similar weather (a few years apart) but both wedding were very different. So people generally do not fit into nice neat wee packages. You are unique , your wedding is unique and so your photography 'package' should also be unique.

Wedding Photography as Individual as You are

- pre wedding chat to discuss your exact requirements

- coverage on the day starting with bridal preparations

- coverage finishing with the speeches

- High Resolution digital files

- on line web gallery

You are free to use your digital files and make copies, share  etc if you wish ( they are your pictures after all) and they are not watermarked or anything like that . Additional coverage can be arranged if required with a totally flexible approach.

Then it is just a case of adding whatever album you choose (or indeed no album if you wish). In this way it is easy to tailor everything to  specific needs.

Wedding Albums - Family Heirlooms

There is no doubt at all that in a changing world technology has made some wonderful advances and this is seen with digital files and cloud storage of pictures which is all wonderful to a certain extent.

Having said that I am a great believer that nothing can replace actual physical pictures. You cannot exactly hang your USB on the wall to look at , or pass it around friends. Digital files are simply a series of binary codes they have no actual tactile properties.

So a beautiful hand crafted wedding album and/or piece of bespoke frames wall art can provide a physical product from the wedding day is a family heirloom to keep forever.