Weddings at Lissanoure Castle – Eva and Denver

September 11, 2015

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle– Eva and Denver

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle are always something very special – it’s a venue that is really quite unique. Nestled in the countryside it really is a hidden gem. Hidden from view in a private estate the grounds are super .

When Eva called me to say that she and Denver were getting married and had planned a Lissanoure Castle Wedding there was a thrill, and also a feeling of  ‘deja vue’. Only a few years ago I also had the pleasure of  joining same family as her sister also chose Lissanoure for her wedding.

It is always nice when someone gets in touch and knows from experience how I work and is happy to book me for another wedding from the same family. Its great to meet up again with some of the same people , but equally it is also great because obviously with another family also involved every wedding is unique and has a different dynamic.

Eva and Denver have a story that goes back to a ‘first date’ as teenagers at  school formal some years ago. After school and college etc. they both went their separate ways only to randomly meet up 7 years later on a night out and the rest is history. .

When I woke up and looked out the window I thought it was going to be a typical Northern Ireland wedding day with some wind and rain, and the forecast was not that encouraging. However I was looking forward to a great wedding with lovely people.

So after stocking up with some calories (big fry) I left home and headed for Evas home , I stopped off at St Saviours church in Connor on the way for a few detail shots. When I arrived at the house  it was great to see that everyone seemed really calm and relaxed. Hair and makeup etc was in full swing and bridesmaids Emma, Mel and Anna were already looking beautiful. Eva and her mother (also Eva) were about to get ready .

I really enjoy this time at the bridal preparations as it’s a great chance to meet the bridesmaids have a bit of fun and get everyone relaxed and comfortable.

It is also allows me to get some details shots of the dress, flowers and other little things that make every wedding unique. Then by the time we get to the church and reception everyone is relaxed and comfortable. Gillian from Willow Beauty was already busy when I arrived and having worked with Gillian before it was easy to get  a few preparation shots .

Weddings at Lissanoure Castle gage-1132
gage-1149-2Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers     Wedding Buttonholegage-1143

If possible and time permits I love to be able to capture a few shots of the bride at home in her dress and in this case everyone was ready in plenty of time . The weather by this stage was really good with nice sunshine and good light so with everyone ready it was a great time to get some shots around the house and outside.

gage-1188 gage-1176gage-1150-2
 gage-9663 gage-9662 gage-9664

The Flowers for the day were supplied by the lovely ladies at Nua Floral Design, Antrim

I then left with time to spare to travel the 10min journey to Conor to the church where the men were already starting to see some guests arrive.

It was great to catch up with Mervyn from Key Moments who was doing the video of the day. We have worked together a few times before and its always a pleasure.
 Wedding Flowers

We had a few drops of rain but these seemed to pass and I managed to grab a few quick shots of as Denver waited ..

gage-1219 gage-1218 gage-1212

It was no time at all till the bridesmaids  arrived. By this time it has started to get a little breezy and was quite cool and definitely looked like the rain was on its way .

We were able to get some shots outside the ladies went into the church where it was a little warmer to await the arrival of Eva and her father.


gage-1223 gage-9708

Bang on time the vintage car arrived and Eva was looking absolutely beautiful , of course her father had dressed up pretty well too.

gage-9716 gage-9726 gage-9730 gage-9723
St Saviours is a beautiful church so after a  great service with some super music and great soloists we took a chance to go back inside for a few more photographs while all the guests left for Lissanoure Castle.

St Saviours Conor Wedding    Wedding at St Saviours Conor  gage-1323

gage-1325 Bridal Portrait

When we arrived at Lissanoure Castle , Eva and Denver it was starting to drizzle a little so Eva and Denver took a little break for a quick cup of tea and I took shots of guests and some detail shots.

When the weather cleared again we were able to go outside for family groups  and some other shots .

I knew it was going to be one of  those ‘dodge the showers’ days but we still managed to make the most of the lovely grounds and get the shots. Lissanoure is definitely one of my favourite venues to shoot at.

The following is just a few more random shots that are some of my favourites from the day

gage-9874  gage-9888

Wedding at Lissanoure Castle  gage-1356

gage-9906 gage-1399 gage-1405gage-1394  gage-1396

gage-1403 Wedding at Lissanoure Castlegage--5

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Colin Turtle Photography

Venue: Lissanoure Castle

Makeup:Willow Beauty

Flowers: Nua Floral Design, Antrim

Video: Key Moments

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